Welcome to RandySomers.net. Randy Somers is the author of JT: Another Mighty Midyett.

JT is a moving tribute by the author to his beloved uncle, James Thomas "JT" Midyett. It depicts the sacrifices and challenge he faced in war and in the mission field, but also recalls his awareness that God was always at the forefront, leading his path.

The author's love and appreciation of his uncle emerges in his words in this inspiring biography. Randy Somers does an excellent job of depicting a man who did extraordinary things in life, but credited nothing to himself, rather attributing all the glory to God and God's sovereign plan for his life.

The author creates chilling glimpses of the wartime experiences JT endured while fighting enemy soldiers in Guadacanal, characterized through visual, expressive words. The same manner of words are utilized to describe the "fish-out-of-water" experience his wife Meg had as missionary in the unpredictable terrain of India.

It's exactly what it says it is: a wonderful biographical account of his uncle JT -- "Another Mighty Midyett!" 

Do yourself a favor. Grab a copy today and experience the journey of a lifetime!